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Lindsey Alvarez : Coed of the Month May 2009

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Lindsey Alvarez is Playboys Coed of the Month May 2009

Hometown: Orange County, CA
Major: Real Estate Development and Management
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 110 lbs
Measurements: 34D-25-34

If you consider yourself a bad boy who doesn’t need a girl to validate your existence, please page the very independent Ms. Alvarez—but don’t push it. “So many campus guys want to see how much they can score instead of just hanging out and having fun,” she says. “If they didn’t push, they’d get a lot more.” Lesson learned. Lindsey plans on using her degree to go into the bar business. “I’d like to redevelop a piece of commercial real estate into a saloon-style place with a contemporary, sexy flair. Good food and hot bartenders. Maybe even a lingerie establishment.” We are so there!

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Tiffany Milner : Coed of the week May 14

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Tiffany Milner is this weeks Playboys Coed of the Week

School: University of Central Florida
Major: Business Marketing

The hard hitting questions Playboy asks!
Q1:So, as a Business Marketing Major, is it all about the money for you?

Not at all. I hang with friends at a local dive bar where I can really get crazy and be myself. People don’t realize I’m super low-maintenance and enjoy simple things.

Q2:What else don’t people realize about you?

I have to act somewhat reserved and business-like at school, but little do my classmates know I have an extremely exotic, wild side to me. I’m very undercover about it.

Q3:How wild are we talking here?

I’m a huge adrenaline junkie — I love skydiving, bungee jumping, motorcycles, and any kind of racing.

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Playboy Magazine June 2009

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In the June issue of Playboy:

2009 Playmate of the Year
She is fluent in several languages, has lived in more countries than most of us will visit in our lifetimes, and has a goddess’s looks that could smooth over any foreign relations. Talk about global appeal: Ida Ljungqvist is the 50th Playmate of the Year.

Miss June 2009
Saddle up alongside Candice Cassidy as this Midwest farmer’s daughter horses around and makes you feel alright.

Employee of the Month
Trip coordinator Cheri Leah gives good phone.

Playboy Interview
Shia Lebouf: A candid conversation with the outspoken actor about his clashes with the law, sex on the set, his hippie childhood, and how he became an unlikely action star.

Playboy June 2009

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Andrea Sullivan Likes to Snorkel

Sunday, March 1, 2009 5:41 1 Comment

Andrea Sullivan of Miami, Florida is the newest addition to Women of Playboy

Andrea’s Basics:
OCCUPATION: Digital Artist
HEIGHT: 5ft 6in
Women of Playboy

This digital artist served 8 years in the military, 14 months of which was spent in the Gulf War. She is a coffee addict and loves to swim, snorkel and listen to old school R&B.

Andrea Sullivan Andrea Sullivan

Learn more about Andrea Sullivan and see her nude pics and videos at Women of Playboy

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Jasmine Davis: Playboy Busty Babe

Saturday, February 21, 2009 11:11 3 Comments

Jasmine Davis from Miami, Florida is the latest addition to Playboy’s Busty Babes

Jasmine’s Basics:
AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 5ft 6in

Jasmine Davis Jasmine Davis

If this beautiful scuba diver were to invite you into her bedroom, you would find her bed covered in satin sheets. When Jasmine isn’t underwater exploring or lounging in her luxurious bed, she is likely playing with her dogs. Other things that this babe enjoys include travel and shopping. Learn more in her interview video inside of Playboy.

Jasmine Davis Jasmine Davis

Visit Playboy’s Busty Babes For All Of Jasmine Davis’s Pictures and Interview Video

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Sarah Elizabeth November 2006 Playmate Datasheet

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Datasheet for Playboy Playmate of the Month November 2006 Sarah Elizabeth

NAME: Sarah Elizabeth
BUST: 34″ D
HIPS: 32
HEIGHT: 5′ 5″
WEIGHT: 110 lbs

AMBITIONS: To be successful in my modeling career and real estate. I also want to be a good role model.

sarah elizabeth

TURN-ONS: A man who is genuine and honest, can make me laugh, be romantic, smell good and play darts is perfect.
TURNOFFS: Laziness, rudeness, liars, cheaters, bad breath and people who can’t laugh at life.
MY GUILTY PLEASURES: Cheese crisps in the middle of the night, Dirty Dancing, Court TV, Sex and the City.
FAMILY SNAPSHOT: I miss my family in AZ. We’re very close. We have dinner every Friday; it’s awesome.
PREVIOUS MODELING GIGS: Ocean Drive magazine, Suteki eyewear, Liberator ads, FHM.
THE PLACE I MEET THE MOST GUYS: Wow, this is sad. I don’t meet a lot of guys, but I would have to say the beach.

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Jessica Canizales: Playboy Busty Babe

Saturday, February 14, 2009 0:00 1 Comment

The newest addition inside of Playboy’s Busty Babes is the lovely Jessica Canizales of North Bay Village, Florida.

Jessica’s Basics:
AGE: 28
HEIGHT: 5ft 3in

Check out Jessica stripping down to nothing more than her hot body outdoors in these sample pics, then head on over to Playboy’s Busty Babes to check out her other photoset in sexy lingerie complete with thigh high stockings!

jessica canizales jessica canizales

jessica canizales jessica canizales

Jessica loves to ride a Harley. She likes to travel and take visits to the beach. Japanese food, motorcycles and tattoos are also very high up on her list of things she likes. To learn more about Jessica listen to the interview video in her members area.

See Jessica Canizales totally nude in pics and video inside of Playboy’s Busty Babes

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Nelley Miall Employee of the Month January 2009

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Nelley Miall is Playboy‘s Employee of the Month January 2009

Occupation: Trucker

Normally when you think of a beautiful babe backing it up, you’re not picturing an 18-wheeler, but that is exactly what Nelley Miall does!

This tough trucker chick isn’t intimidated by the male-dominated field. In fact, Nelley likes to have fun with it. She admits to Playboy that she has not only done some flashing while on the road, but even had sex in the cab once – while driving!

If you think her confession is hot, just take a look at her body…

Nelley Miall Nelley Miall

Nelley Miall Nelley Miall

She gives new meaning to the old saying “honk if you’re horny”!

See all of Nelley Miall’s nude photos inside of Playboy!

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Rebecca Lynn Cyber Girl of the Month January 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009 11:48 1 Comment

Rebecca Lynn is Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Month January 2009!

Hometown: New Smyrna Beach, FL
Date of Birth: July 24, 1989
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 119 lbs.
Measurements: 34B-26-38

Rebecca Lynn Rebecca Lynn

Rebecca Lynn is currently working those sexy buns of hers off waiting tables in her home state of Florida. She has bigger plans for herself than hot wings and dipping sauce though. She wants to leave the east coast and head out to the west coast. Rebecca plans to use her Cyber Girl success to move to California and make modeling her full time career.

Rebecca Lynn Rebecca Lynn

See all of Rebecca Lynn’s nude photos and videos inside of Playboy!

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Playmate Listing

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2014 Playboy Playmates

2013 Playboy Playmates

2012 Playboy Playmates

Playboy Playmates for 2011

Playboy Playmates for 2010

Playboy Playmates for 2009

Playboy Playmates for 2008

Playboy Playmates for 2007

Playboy Playmates for 2006

Playboy Playmates for 2005

Playboy Playmates for 2004

Playboy Playmates for 2003

Playboy Playmates for 2002

Playboy Playmates for 2001

Playboy Playmates for 2000

Playboy Playmates for 1999

Playboy Playmates for 1998

Playboy Playmates for 1997

Playboy Playmates for 1996

Playboy Playmates for 1995

Playboy Playmates for 1994

Playboy Playmates for 1993

Playboy Playmates for 1992

Playboy Playmates for 1991

Playboy Playmates for 1990

1989 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Fawna MacLaren
  • Miss February – Simone Eden
  • Miss March – Laurie Wood
  • Miss April – Jennifer Jackson
  • Miss May – Monique Noel
  • Miss June – Tawnni Cable
  • Miss July – Erika Eleniak
  • Miss August – Gianna Amore
  • Misses September – Karin & Mirjam van Breeschooten
  • Miss October – Karen Foster
  • Miss November – Reneé Tenison
  • Miss December – Petra Verkaik

1988 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Kimberley Conrad
  • Miss February – Kari Kennell
  • Miss March – Susie Owens
  • Miss April – Eloise Broady
  • Miss May – Diana Lee
  • Miss June – Emily Arth
  • Miss July – Terri Lynn Doss
  • Miss August – Helle Michaelsen
  • Miss September – Laura Richmond
  • Miss October – Shannon Long
  • Miss November – Pia Reyes
  • Miss December – Kata Kârkkâinen

1987 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Luann Lee
  • Miss February – Julie Peterson
  • Miss March – Marina Baker
  • Miss April – Anna Clark
  • Miss May – Kymberly Paige
  • Miss June – Sandy Greenberg
  • Miss July – Carmen Berg
  • Miss August – Sharry Konopski
  • Miss September – Gwen Hajek
  • Miss October – Brandi Brandt
  • Miss November – Pam Stein
  • Miss December – India Allen

1986 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Sherry Arnett
  • Miss February – Julie McCullough
  • Miss March – Kim Morris
  • Miss April – Teri Weigel
  • Miss May – Christine Richters
  • Miss June – Rebecca Ferratti
  • Miss July – Lynne Austin
  • Miss August – Ava Fabian
  • Miss September – Rebekka Armstrong
  • Miss October – Katherine Hushaw
  • Miss November – Donna Edmondson
  • Miss December – Laurie Carr

1985 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Joan Bennett
  • Miss February – Cherie Witter
  • Miss March – Donna Smith
  • Miss April – Cindy Brooks
  • Miss May – Kathy Shower
  • Miss June – Devin DeVasquez
  • Miss July – Hope Marie Carlton
  • Miss August – Cher Butler
  • Miss September – Venice Kong
  • Miss October – Cynthia Brimhall
  • Miss November – Pamela Saunders
  • Miss December – Carol Ficatier

1984 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Penny Baker
  • Miss February – Justine Greiner
  • Miss March – Dona Speir
  • Miss April – Lesa Ann Pedriana
  • Miss May – Patty Duffek
  • Miss June – Tricia Lange
  • Miss July – Liz Stewart
  • Miss August – Suzi Schott
  • Miss September – Kimberly Evenson
  • Miss October – Debi Johnson
  • Miss November – Roberta Vasquez
  • Miss December – Karen Velez

1983 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Lonny Chin
  • Miss February – Melinda Mays
  • Miss March – Alana Soares
  • Miss April – Christina Ferguson
  • Miss May – Susie Scott
  • Miss June – Jolanda Egger
  • Miss July – Ruth Guerri
  • Miss August – Carina Persson
  • Miss September – Barbara Edwards
  • Miss October – Tracy Vaccaro
  • Miss November – Veronica Gamba
  • Miss December – Terry Nihen

1982 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Kimberly McArthur
  • Miss February – Anne-Marie Fox
  • Miss March – Karen Witter
  • Miss April – Linda Rhys Vaughn
  • Miss May – Kym Malin
  • Miss June – Lourdes Estores
  • Miss July – Lynda Wiesmeier
  • Miss August – Cathy St. George
  • Miss September – Connie Brighton
  • Miss October – Marianne Gravatte
  • Miss November – Marlene Janssen
  • Miss December – Charlotte Kemp

1981 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Karen Price
  • Miss February – Vicki Lasseter
  • Miss March – Kymberly Herrin
  • Miss April – Lorraine Michaels
  • Miss May – Gina Goldberg
  • Miss June – Cathy Larmouth
  • Miss July – Heidi Sorenson
  • Miss August – Debbie Boostrom
  • Miss September – Susan Smith
  • Miss October – Kelly Tough
  • Miss November – Shannon Tweed
  • Miss December – Patricia Farinelli

1980 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Gig Gangel
  • Miss February – Sandy Cagle
  • Miss March – Henriette Allais
  • Miss April – Liz Glazowski
  • Miss May – Martha Thomsen
  • Miss June – Ola Ray
  • Miss July – Teri Peterson
  • Miss August – Victoria Cooke
  • Miss September – Lisa Welch
  • Miss October – Mardi Jacquet
  • Miss November – Jeana Tomasino
  • Miss December – Terri Welles

1979 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Candy Loving
  • Miss February – Lee Ann Michelle
  • Miss March – Denise McConnell
  • Miss April – Missy Cleveland
  • Miss May – Michele Drake
  • Miss June – Louann Fernald
  • Miss July – Dorothy Mays
  • Miss August – Dorothy Stratten
  • Miss September – Vicki McCarty
  • Miss October – Ursula Buchfellner
  • Miss November – Sylvie Garant
  • Miss December – Candace Collins

1978 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Debra Jensen
  • Miss February – Janis Schmitt
  • Miss March – Christina Smith
  • Miss April – Pamela Jean Bryant
  • Miss May – Kathryn Morrison
  • Miss June – Gail Stanton
  • Miss July – Karen Morton
  • Miss August – Vicki Witt
  • Miss September – Rosanne Katon
  • Miss October – Marcy Hanson
  • Miss November – Monique St. Pierre
  • Miss December – Janet Quist

1977 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Susan Lynn Kiger
  • Miss February – Star Stowe
  • Miss March – Nicki Thomas
  • Miss April – Lisa Sohm
  • Miss May – Sheila Mullen
  • Miss June – Virve Reid
  • Miss July – Sondra Theodore
  • Miss August – Julia Lyndon
  • Miss September – Debra Jo Fondren
  • Miss October – Kristine Winder
  • Miss November – Rita Lee
  • Miss December – Ashley Cox

1976 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Daina House
  • Miss February – Laura Lyons
  • Miss March – Ann Pennington
  • Miss April – Denise Michele
  • Miss May – Patricia Margot McClain
  • Miss June – Debra Peterson
  • Miss July – Deborah Borkman
  • Miss August – Linda Beatty
  • Miss September – Whitney Kaine
  • Miss October – Hope Olson
  • Miss November – Patti McGuire
  • Miss December – Karen Hafter

1975 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Lynnda Kimball
  • Miss February – Laura Misch
  • Miss March – Ingeborg Sorensen
  • Miss April – Victoria Cunningham
  • Miss May – Bridgett Rollins
  • Miss June – Azizi Johari
  • Miss July – Lynn Schiller
  • Miss August – Lillian Muller
  • Miss September – Mesina Miller
  • Miss October – Jill De Vries
  • Miss November – Janet Lupo
  • Miss December – Nancie Li Brandi

1974 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Nancy Cameron
  • Miss February – Francine Parks
  • Miss March – Pamela Zinszer
  • Miss April – Marlene Morrow
  • Miss May – Marilyn Lange
  • Miss June – Sandy Johnson
  • Miss July – Carol Vitale
  • Miss August – Jean Manson
  • Miss September – Kristine Hanson
  • Miss October – Ester Cordet
  • Miss November – Bebe Buell
  • Miss December – Janice Raymond

1973 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Miki Garcia
  • Miss February – Cyndi Wood
  • Miss March – Bonnie Large
  • Miss April – Julie Woodson
  • Miss May – Anulka Dziubinska
  • Miss June – Ruthy Ross
  • Miss July – Martha Smith
  • Miss August – Phyllis Coleman
  • Miss September – Geri Glass
  • Miss October – Valerie Lane
  • Miss November – Monica Tidwell
  • Miss December – Christine Maddox

1972 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Marilyn Cole
  • Miss February – P.J. Lansing
  • Miss March – Ellen Michaels
  • Miss April – Vicki Peters
  • Miss May – Deanna Baker
  • Miss June – Debbie Davis
  • Miss July – Carol O’Neal
  • Miss August – Linda Summers
  • Miss September – Susan Miller
  • Miss October – Sharon Johansen
  • Miss November – Lenna Sjööblom
  • Miss December – Mercy Rooney

1971 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Liv Lindeland
  • Miss February – Willy Rey
  • Miss March – Cynthia Hall
  • Miss April – Chris Cranston
  • Miss May – Janice Pennington
  • Miss June – Lieko English
  • Miss July – Heather Van Every
  • Miss August – Cathy Rowland
  • Miss September – Crystal Smith
  • Miss October – Claire Rambeau
  • Miss November – Danielle de Vabre
  • Miss December – Karen Christy

1970 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Jill Taylor
  • Miss February – Linda Forsythe
  • Miss March – Chris Koren
  • Miss April – Barbara Hillary
  • Miss May – Jennifer Liano
  • Miss June – Elaine Morton
  • Miss July – Carol Willis
  • Miss August – Sharon Clark
  • Miss September – Debbie Ellison
  • Misses October – Madeleine & Mary Collinson
  • Miss November – Avis Miller
  • Miss December – Carol Imhof

1969 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Leslie Bianchini
  • Miss February – Lorrie Menconi
  • Miss March – Kathy MacDonald
  • Miss April – Lorna Hopper
  • Miss May – Sally Sheffield
  • Miss June – Helena Antonaccio
  • Miss July – Nancy McNeil
  • Miss August – Debbie Hooper
  • Miss September – Shay Knuth
  • Miss October – Jean Bell
  • Miss November – Claudia Jennings
  • Miss December – Gloria Root

1968 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Connie Kreski
  • Miss February – Nancy Harwood
  • Miss March – Michelle Hamilton
  • Miss April – Gaye Rennie
  • Miss May – Elizabeth Jordan
  • Miss June – Britt Fredriksen
  • Miss July – Melodye Prentiss
  • Miss August – Gale Olson
  • Miss September – Dru Hart
  • Miss October – Majken Haugedal
  • Miss November – Paige Young
  • Miss December – Cynthia Myers

1967 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Surrey Marshe
  • Miss February – Kim Farber
  • Miss March – Fran Gerard
  • Miss April – Gwen Wong
  • Miss May – Anne Randall
  • Miss June – Joey Gibson
  • Miss July – Heather Ryan
  • Miss August – DeDe Lind
  • Miss September – Angela Dorian
  • Miss October – Reagan Wilson
  • Miss November – Kaya Christian
  • Miss December – Lynn Winchell

1966 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Judy Tyler
  • Miss February – Melinda Windsor
  • Miss March – Priscilla Wright
  • Miss April – Karla Conway
  • Miss May – Dolly Read
  • Miss June – Kelly Burke
  • Miss July – Tish Howard
  • Miss August – Susan Denberg
  • Miss September – Dianne Chandler
  • Miss October – Linda Moon
  • Miss November – Lisa Baker
  • Miss December – Susan Bernard

1965 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Sally Duberson
  • Miss February – Jessica St. George
  • Miss March – Jennifer Jackson
  • Miss April – Sue Williams
  • Miss May – Maria McBane
  • Miss June – Hedy Scott
  • Miss July – Gay Collier
  • Miss August – Lannie Balcom
  • Miss September – Patti Reynolds
  • Miss October – Allison Parks
  • Miss November – Pat Russo
  • Miss December – Dinah Willis

1964 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Sharon Rogers
  • Miss February – Nancy Jo Hooper
  • Miss March – Nancy Scott
  • Miss April – Ashlyn Martin
  • Miss May – Terri Kimball
  • Miss June – Lori Winston
  • Miss July – Melba Ogle
  • Miss August – China Lee
  • Miss September – Astrid Schulz
  • Miss October – Rosemarie Hillcrest
  • Miss November – Kai Brendlinger
  • Miss December – Jo Collins

1963 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Judi Monterey
  • Miss February – Toni Ann Thomas
  • Miss March – Adrienne Moreau
  • Miss April – Sandra Settani
  • Miss May – Sharon Cintron
  • Miss June – Connie Mason
  • Miss July – Carrie Enwright
  • Miss August – Phyllis Sherwood
  • Miss September – Victoria Valentino
  • Miss October – Christine Williams
  • Miss November – Terre Tucker
  • Miss December – Donna Michelle

1962 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Merle Pertile
  • Miss February – Kari Knudsen
  • Miss March – Pamela Anne Gordon
  • Miss April – Roberta Lane
  • Miss May – Marya Carter
  • Miss June – Merissa Mathes
  • Miss July – Unne Terjesen
  • Miss August – Jan Roberts
  • Miss September – Mickey Winters
  • Miss October – Laura Young
  • Miss November – Avis Kimble
  • Miss December – June – Cochran

1961 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Connie Cooper
  • Miss February – Barbara Ann Lawford
  • Miss March – Tonya Crews
  • Miss April – Nancy Nielsen
  • Miss May – Susan Kelly
  • Miss June – Heidi Becker
  • Miss July – Sheralee Conners
  • Miss August – Karen Thompson
  • Miss September – Christa Speck
  • Miss October – Jean Cannon
  • Miss November – Dianne Danford
  • Miss December – Lynn Karrol

1960 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Stella Stevens
  • Miss February – Susie Scott
  • Miss March – Sally Sarell
  • Miss April – Linda Gamble
  • Miss May – Ginger Young
  • Miss June – Delores Wells
  • Miss July – Teddi Smith
  • Miss August – Elaine Paul
  • Miss September – Ann Davis
  • Miss October – Kathy Douglas
  • Miss November – Joni Mattis
  • Miss December – Carol Eden

1959 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Virginia Gordon
  • Miss February – Eleanor Bradley
  • Miss March – Audrey Daston
  • Miss April – Nancy Crawford
  • Miss May – Cindy Fuller
  • Miss June – Marilyn Hanold
  • Miss July – Yvette Vickers
  • Miss August – Clayre Peters
  • Miss September – Marianne Gaba
  • Miss October – Elaine Reynolds
  • Miss November – Donna Lynn
  • Miss December – Ellen Stratton

1958 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Elizabeth Ann Roberts
  • Miss February – Cheryl Kubert
  • Miss March – Zahra Norbo
  • Miss April – Felicia Atkins
  • Miss May – Lari Laine
  • Miss June – Judy Lee Tomerlin
  • Miss July – Linné Nannete Ahlstrand
  • Miss August – Myrna Weber
  • Miss September – Teri Hope
  • Miss October – Mara Corday
  • Miss October – Pat Sheehan
  • Miss November – Joan Staley
  • Miss December – Joyce Nizzari

1957 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – June – Blair
  • Miss February – Sally Todd
  • Miss March – Sandra Edwards
  • Miss April – Gloria Windsor
  • Miss May – Dawn Richard
  • Miss June – Carrie Radison
  • Miss July – Jean Jani
  • Miss August – Dolores Donlon
  • Miss September – Jacquelyn Prescott
  • Miss October – Colleen Farrington
  • Miss November – Marlene Callahan
  • Miss December – Linda Vargas

1956 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Lynn Turner
  • Miss February – Marguerite Empey
  • Miss March – Marian Stafford
  • Miss April – Rusty Fisher
  • Miss May – Marion Scott
  • Miss June – Gloria Walker
  • Miss July – Alice Denham
  • Miss August – Jonnie Nicely
  • Miss September – Elsa Sorensen
  • Miss October – Janet Pilgrim
  • Miss November – Betty Blue
  • Miss December – Lisa Winters

1955 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Bettie Page
  • Miss February – Jayne Mansfield
  • Miss April – Marilyn Waltz
  • Miss May – Marguerite Empey
  • Miss June – Eve Meyer
  • Miss July – Janet Pilgrim
  • Miss August – Pat Lawler
  • Miss September – Anne Fleming
  • Miss October – Jean Moorehead
  • Miss November – Barbara Cameron
  • Miss December – Janet Pilgrim

1954 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss January – Margie Harrison
  • Miss February – Margaret Scott
  • Miss March – Dolores Del Monte
  • Miss April – Marilyn Waltz
  • Miss May – Joanne Arnold
  • Miss June – Margie Harrison
  • Miss July – Neva Gilbert
  • Miss August – Arline Hunter
  • Miss September – Jackie Rainbow
  • Miss October – Madeline Castle
  • Miss November – Diane Hunter
  • Miss December – Terry Ryan

1953 Playboy Playmates

  • Miss December – Marilyn Monroe
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Kelly Carrington October 2008 Playmate Datasheet

Friday, October 31, 2008 6:38 No Comments

Datasheet for Playboy Playmate of the Month October 2008 Kelly Carrington

NAME: Kelly Carrington
BIRTHPLACE: White Plains, NY
BUST: 34″ C
HIPS: 34
HEIGHT: 5′ 5″
WEIGHT: 115 lbs
AMBITIONS: To have a thriving career, travel the world and, most important, find true love and have a family.

TURN-ONS: Fresh flowers, chivalry, back rubs, romance, style, creativity, ambition, success and fast cars.
TURNOFFS: Arguing, ignorance, poor hygiene, negativity, rudeness, pretentiousness and closed-mindedness.
SOMEONE I LOOK UP TO AND WHY: My grandmother for her unconditional love, autonomy and sweet-natured personality.
SUSHI I ALWAYS EAT: Shrimp tempura roll with spicy tuna.
MY PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.
THINGS THAT MAKE ME FEEL SEXY: Satin sheets, lingerie and high heels.

Download all of Kelly Carrington’s exclusive pictures and videos at Playboy

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Spencer Scott October Playboy Playmate 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007 19:37 15 Comments

Spencer Scott is Playboy’s Playmate for October 2007!

Bust: 32D
Waist: 27
Hips: 36
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 110lbs
Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Florida

Spencer Scott Playboy Playmate

See all of Spencer Scott’s nude photos and videos inside Playboy now!

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What a sweetheart!!

Friday, August 3, 2007 12:09 1 Comment

Christina Marie Sutton
Hemet, Ca
HEIGHT: 5ft 6in
Women of Playboy

Christina is a sweetheart, and posing for Playboy makes her feel confidant. She's been a painted lady at the last mansion halloween party. Our interviewer gets Christina to dish on all her likes and dislikes. She likes to be on top and in control, and is willing to try new things! She loves the attention of all eyes on her, and is very comfortable in just her silky skin. She loves to dance, and likes to keep things laid back. Learn more about Christina at Women of Playboy

Women of Playboy

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Taya Parker Women of Playboy

Saturday, July 14, 2007 0:03 No Comments

Taya Parker is Playboy’s newest Woman of Playboy.

Taya Parker Women of Playboy

View Taya Parker’s Gallery Here

Playboy’s Taya Parker generates a tidalwave of sexuality. See all her hot photos inside.

Playboy’s Women of Playboy

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Anna Nicole Smith dies at 39

Thursday, February 8, 2007 18:23 No Comments

US model and reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith has died after being found unconscious in a Florida hotel room, her lawyer says.

“I can confirm that she is deceased. It’s as shocking to me as to you guys,” Smith’s attorney, Ronald Rale, told Reuters.

“I don’t know anything further. (Her lawyer and husband) Howard (K. Stern) obviously is speechless and grieving.”

The buxom, platinum-blonde Texan former Guess spokeswoman and Playboy Playmate , 39, was found unconscious in a room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, north of Miami, WFOR television reported.

Paramedics did CPR on the model, commercial spokeswoman and sometime actress who was taken to a local medical center, the report said.

Her 20-year-old son Daniel died in September in the Bahamas, just days after Smith gave birth to a baby girl whose paternity has been disputed by a former boyfriend and Smith’s attorney.

Smith was born Vicki Lynn Hogan November 28, 1967, in Mexia, Texas.

Her parents divorced, and she was raised by her mother and aunt.

She first wed at 17 and had her son Daniel, and soon after divorced.

After working as a Wal-Mart cashier and waitress, she started working as an exotic dancer in Houston.

There she met a wheelchair-bound oil billionaire J Howard Marshall whom she would woo and wed.

On June 27, 1994, 26-year-old Anna Nicole married the 89-year-old Marshall, who died the following year.

A protected court battle with her stepson E Pierce Marshall over her late husband’s fortune then followed.

Modelling for Guess Jeans, she replaced Claudia Schiffer. Smith was also voted Playboy Playmate of the Year in 1993.

She appeared in some Hollywood films including Naked Gun 33-1/3.

A statement posted on Smith’s website in September had spoken of the model’s sorrow at the death of her son.

“Anna Nicole is absolutely devastated by the loss of her son. He was her pride and joy and an amazing human being,” the statement said.

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Nikole Martz Playboy Coed of the Week January 2007

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Nikole Martz is Playboy’s Coed of the Week! Here’s her interview:

1. What part of a guy do you study first?
When I first meet a guy, I look at his smile and his shoes. I know that sounds strange, but I’m a sucker for a great smile and I like funny guys, so a good smile is a must. Shoes are also key because they indicate whether or not a guy cares about his appearance.

2. What’s the party scene like at your school?
My school is very small, but I live in Southwest Florida and the beach is the place to be almost year-round. There really aren’t any fun campus rituals, but we do throw toga parties often. The biggest party of the year is spring break. For natives of the area, it lasts about two months. The beach is one giant party all day and all night.

3.What are some of your favorite things?
I can’t live without my iPod. I love going out on my Jet Skis and having fun on the water. I also love GPS, since I get lost very easily.

Final Exam: What is your special talent?
I’m an amateur masseuse. My friends are always asking me to give them a massage.

Playboy Coed Nikole Martz

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Playboy Magazine January 2007

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In the January issue of Playboy:

Miss January 2007
Jayde Nicole gives you a reason to shout, “O Canada!”

Playboy’s Playmate Review
Study the 12 candidates’ most persuasive positions, then vote for 2007 Playmate of the Year.

The Passion of Pam
Pamela Anderson is the quintessential Playboy icon. Reacquaint yourself with the evidence.

Employee of the Month
Won’t someone reach out and touch lonely cell-phone temptress Jo Garcia?

Playboy January 2007

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Playboy Magazine December 2006

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In the December issue of Playboy:

Miss December 2006
Kia Drayton is a DJ in heavy rotation on many holiday wish lists.

Desperately Seeking Cindy
The unstoppable Cindy Margolis says doing Playboy is her crowning achievement. We agree.

Miss Great Britain
Meet the other Queen of England: Liverpool’s own beauty-pageant royalty Danielle Lloyd.

Employee of the Month
Bloodletter Kristin Mullaney leaves us feeling a little light-headed.

Playboy December 2006

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Reagan Yun Playboy Coed of the Week October 2006

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Reagan Yun is Playboy’s Coed of the Week! Here’s her interview:

1. What part of a guy do you study first?
I always study eyes first. I like to think I can tell if a guy is being honest with me by looking into his eyes.

2. What’s the party scene like at your school?
It seems like more people go out on Thursday nights than any other night. There are so many crazy specials at bars, like the $5 bottomless cup. Drinking here is so cheap. I love it!

3. What are some of your favorite things?
I like doing crossword puzzles, since they make me feel smart. I love to travel because I always meet new people and make new friends. In the last year I’ve visited Korea, Japan, L.A., Florida, Vegas and Chicago.

Final Exam: What is your special talent?
I’m a great piano player. I was always asked to play for my high school choir and my church choir. My favorite things to play are ragtime and classical music.

Playboy Coed Reagan Yun

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Playboy Magazine November 2006

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In the November issue of Playboy:

Miss November 2006
The Florida panhandle sizzles with a dangerously hot Sarah Elizabeth.

High-Performance Mercedes
Test-drive the curvy Mercedes McNab, as the veteran of Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer showcases her softer side.

Poetry in Lotion
Meet the well-bronzed contestants of the Hawaiian Tropic International Pageant, now without their bikinis.

Employee of the Month
Bounty hunter Heather Filerino is a sly stunner.

Playboy November 2006

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Jillian Beyor Playboy Coed of the Month October 2006

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Jillian Beyor is our new Playboy Coed of the Month!

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
School: Daytona Beach Community College, Daytona Beach, Florida
Major: Real Estate
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 105 lbs
Measurements: 34D-24-34

Now on a short break from her studies, Jillian soaks up the sun on South Beach. She’s certainly mastered the most important lesson in real estate: It’s all about location, location, location. Her stunning looks have led to a string of modeling jobs in South Florida, including work for magazines and photo shoots for boat companies. Spending her days posed on the deck of maxed-out yachts is almost a fantasy come true for Jillian, whose idea of a dream date is taking an evening cruise complete with a lobster dinner and champagne. It’s an expensive proposition, but for a few hours with this sparkling coed, it’s definitely worth it.

Playboy Coed Jillian Beyor

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Jennifer Hurt Playboy Coed of the Month September 2006

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Jennifer Hurt is our new Playboy Coed of the Month!

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
School: Towson University, Towson, Maryland
Major: Psychology
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 100 lbs
Measurements: 34C-26-34

Currently working on her masters in clinical psychology, radiant beauty Jennifer Hurt can sometimes scare off guys expecting serious mind games. “A lot of guys are intimidated by my major,” she says. “But I don’t care that much. When I go out, I’m all play.” Normally seen sipping a sex on the beach at a Charm City watering hole, Jennifer’s thoughts are consumed with her search for some fun. “I’m usually a stressful kind of person,” she says. “So I need someone who can balance that out. Of course, I’m not talking to anybody who isn’t really cute.”

Playboy Coed Jennifer Hurt

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Playboy Magazine July 2006

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In the July issue of Playboy:

Miss July 2006
Playmate Sara Jean Underwood is a natural wonder who blossoms before your eyes.

Viva Vida
Get a grip before you try handling the dangerous curves displayed in Latin lovely Vida Guerra’s first nude pictorial.

Playboy’s World Soccer Team
Every four years the best soccer teams on earth come together in an effort to impress girls like these.

Employee of the Month
Body-sushi platter Tabitha Juneway keeps the fish fresh and the sashimi steamy.

Playboy Interview
With films that have grossed more than $13 billion, Jerry Bruckheimer is the most successful producer in history. Additionally, with seven series running on CBS alone last season, he’s a ubiquitous presence on TV. Now the usually reserved movie mogul opens up about the challenges of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, his humble beginnings on the outskirts of Detroit and more.

Playboy July 2006

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Allison Torres Playboy Coed of the Month June 2006

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Allison Torres is our new Playboy Coed of the Month!

Hometown: Hillsdale, New Jersey
School: Florida State University
Major: Psychology
Height: 5’1″
Weight: 109
Measurements: 34C-26-33

“I need guys who are motivated,” said fiery Florida State beauty Allison Torres. “I hate people who don’t have goals. I can’t deal with that. It’s all about having passion in what you do.” Allison certainly subscribes to that attitude. A New Jersey native who loves the energy and excitement of the big city, she has set her sights on being a lawyer and becoming a partner in the next 10 years. How does this sexy, single-minded student relax? She prefers hanging out with friends and listening to classic rock and country, like Lonestar and Martina McBride. A Jersey girl who likes country music? Looks like she’s picked up some Southern charm at college.

Playboy Coed Allison Torres

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